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Celebrating biodiversity: Let's hear it for Ireland's wildlife Our flora ... - Irish Examiner

Irish Examiner
Intrepid and tireless wildlife campaigners, such as David Attenborough and Steve Irwin, have brought the wonders of the natural world, and the many threats it ...

Communities put biodiversity top of their agenda - Sligo Champion

Sligo Champion
"Possible action for better biodiversity and wildlife have been considered and debated. The interest from local people has been very strong and they are been given the tools to carry out the work themselves." Those tools include knowing what specific ...

Biodiversity very much flavour of the month - Wexford People

Wexford People
The two words 'biological diversity' are often combined, blended and contracted to give the single word 'biodiversity'. The blended word, or portmanteau, was coined in 1968 by wildlife scientist and conservationist Raymond Dasmann in his book 'A ...

Wildlife Counts

San Antonio - United States

Software to help estimate populations of birds and fish in an ecosystem.

Biodiversity Counts
United States

Middle-school science program that gets students out of the classroom and into the field to study biodiversity. Created by the American Museum of Natural History.

Every Creature Counts
United States

Animal rescue, shelter, adoptions, spaying, and neutering for cats and dogs.

EPIC Wildlife
United States

Assistance with wildlife management projects, land use, and legal consulting. Dripping Springs, Texas, USA.

Wildlife Ecology
United States

Study of the distribution and reproductive status of grassland birds with respect to condition of grassland habitat in Virginia.

Wildlife Research

A journal for publication on all aspects of conservation and management of wild vertebrates.

Wisdom of Wildlife
United States

Blog written by an Indonesian wildlife biologist working in Indonesia on conservation research. It deals with a range of topics from the rainforest to urban life.

Zoos and Wildlife
United Kingdom

Zoos and Wildlife Rehabilitation. Zoos all over the world not only offer their residents many opportunities to learn about animals, many zoos provide wildlife rehabilitation. The main goals of wildlife rehabilitation are to rescue the animal, rehabilitate the animal, then release the animal. While the R's are not always possible, they are always the primary goal of any rehabilitator at almost every zoo.


Wildlife Biology (Wildl. Biol., ISSN 0909-6396) was initiated in 1994 by the Nordic Council for Wildlife Research (NKV) and is published four times a year (March, June, September and December). WILDLIFE BIOLOGY is a high-quality scientific forum directing concise and up-to-date information to scientists, administrators, wildlife managers and conservationists. The journal encourages and welcomes original papers, short communications and reviews wr

United States

Seeking preservation of the wolf and other endangered species including Siberian tigers. Animals/Wildlife
United States

Articles and resources on various species of animals.