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Nobel Prize–Winning Biologist Dies - The Scientist

The Scientist
“His work revolutionized cell biology, demonstrating that seemingly impenetrable problems could be understood in molecular detail.” Born in 1936 in the German town of Waltersdorf—now Niegoslawice in Poland—Blobel grew up among seven siblings in what ...

What Should Grow in a Vacant Lot? - CityLab

Swan is one of only a handful of ecologists in the world who do experiments in urban vacant lots—for that matter, ecologists rarely experiment in cities at all. His work is part of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study, a massive long-term research project ...

Dream job alert: This resort will pay you to take care of their flamingos - 6 On Your Side

6 On Your Side
Applicants must have a college degree in zoology and a minimum of five years of related work experience. (No, keeping a pet parakeet alive doesn't cut it.) The resort is also looking for someone with superb interpersonal skills and a passion for ...

Would Freezing Ted Williams Work?

Burbank - United States

From, an article on the cryonic suspension of Ted Williams by the Alcor Foundation and asking if the technology might work.

Pavlic, Ted
United States

Specializing in control theory, with emphasis on foraging theory. Also, available are whitepapers and educational background.

Ted Pella, Inc.

Manufacturer and provider of electron, light and atomic force microscopy supplies and laboratory equipment.

INVAM - Freezing germplasm in liquid nitrogen
United States

Research suggestions from the INVAM Culture Collection at West Virginia University.

Conservation of Endangered Animals by using Sperm and Embryo Freezing

A project to preserve several endangered mammals of far northern Europe, using cryopreservation. At the University of Kuopio, Finland.

TED Case Studies: Bear Parts Trade
United States
Byron Williams
United States

A summary of research into the molecular basis of cell division featuring brain tissue antibody staining.

United States

General information, course list, students, research, current projects, facilities, and events.

Roger Williams Park Zoo
United States

Providence. Houses over 957 animals representing 156 species. Includes children's farmyard exhibit, a carousel, and a playground. Site has general information, an exhibit overview, animal photos, descriptions and videos, education program summary and conservation information.

BC SPCA: Williams Lake & District
United States

Provides shelter for lost, abandoned, injured, and unwanted animals throughout the area.

Roger Williams Park Zoo - Providence, RI
United States

Home to hundreds of rare and fascinating animals from around the world.