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First-time observation of genetic/physiological damage caused by nanoplastics in mussels - Phys.Org

A research team from the UAB Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, the University of Aveiro and the Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR), Portugal, observed how some of these nanoplastics, despite ...

Fires spark biodiversity criticism of Sweden's forest industry - Phys.Org

Non-governmental organisations warn that there are considerable challenges to ensuring biodiversity for plants and animals amid the fight against global warming. One in 10 species in the country's forests is on the red list of the Swedish Species ...

Cell Studio: Serious games for immunology - Phys.Org

The novel platform, known as Cell Studio, can simulate an organic microenvironment with biological and biophysical rules at the cellular level. Several biological scenarios can be simulated, including a 2-D or 3-D spatial patch of tissue or cell ...

Radolfzell - Germany

Provides ichthyological and ecological information on Channa as well as aquaristic information about keeping and breeding them.

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    Zoology - Animals, Insects, and Pets

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  • Description: - THE information source on Channidae on the Internet
    THE Internet resource for snakehead fishes (Channa). Information and pictures about all parachanna, channa, ophicephalus affinis, africana, amphibeus, amphibius, argus, aurantiacus, aurantimaculata, aurolineatus, asiatica, bankanensis, baramensis, barca, bistriata, bistriatus, bivittatus, bleheri, burmanica, cora-mota, cyanospilos, diplogramma, diplogramme, fuscus, gachua, grandinosus, guachua, harcourtbutleri, indicus, insignis, jovis, kelaartii, lata, leucopunctatus, limbatus, lucia, maculata, malaccensis, marginatus, marulia, marulius, marulioides, melasoma, melanosoma, melanoptera, melanopterus, miliaris, micropeltes, montanus, mystax, nigricans, nox, obscura, obscurus, ocellata, orientalis, philypnoides surakartensis, planiceps, pleurophthalma, pleurophthalmus, polylepis, pseudomarulia, pseudomarulius, punctata, punctatus, puticola, panaw, rhodotaenia, serpentinus, siamensis, spiritalis, stevensii, stewartii, striata, studeri, theophrasti, vagus

United Kingdom

Home of the LumbriBASE, an access point to the publically available Lumbricus rubellus sequence and functional data.

Histology on the WWW
United States

Contains links to sites with images, protocols and techniques, and general histology resources.


Presented by the Canadian Orchid Congress and the Orchid Society of Nova Scotia.

All The Virology on The WWW
United Kingdom

All the Virology on the WWW seeks to be the best single site for Virology information on the Internet. We have collected all the virology related Web sites that might be of interest to our fellow virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses. Additionally, we have created an index to virus pictures on the web, The Big Picture Book of Viruses, which also functions as a resource for viral taxonomy. A collection of some of the be

Ecology WWW pages

Index of WWW sites of interest to ecologists, originally posted on ECOLOG-L.

Bio WWW Net
United States

Categorises and describes protocols listed on various online resources, some of which have been given ratings. Also includes a discussion board.

Porifera Biology on the WWW
United Kingdom

A central clearinghouse for sponge researchers, including a porifera listserver bulletin board and who's who in sponge research.

United States

Offers genome data, features an introduction to the field, a list of worm labs, literature, meeting announcements and software.

United States
United States

Announcements, ads, literature, and more.