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How Cheese, Wheat and Alcohol Shaped Human Evolution - Smithsonian

But over many generations, what we eat does shape our evolutionary path. “Diet,” says anthropologist John Hawks, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, “has been a fundamental story throughout our evolutionary history. Over the last million years ...

Tech's Next Big Wave: Big Data Meets Biology - Fortune

More specifically, it's your data: your individual biology, your health history and ever-fluctuating state of well-being, where you go, what you spend, how you sleep, what you put in your body and what comes out. The amount of data you slough off ...

The botany in Obama's official portrait represents his history ... - Popular Science

Popular Science
President Obama's official portrait uses flowers to tell his story.

Y Chromosomes Rewrite British History

United States

This article in Nature comments on the findings of Capelli et al. in their Y-chromosome census of the British Isles.

British Entomology and Natural History Society
United Kingdom

Provides information on membership, the journal, other publications, grants, research and the collecting code.

The Chromosomes in Heredity
United States

Full text of W. S. Sutton's 1903 publication in Biological Bulletin. [PDF]

Y Chromosomes Point to Native American Adam
United States

An article based on Y-DNA studies suggests that all Native Americans can be traced back to a male founder who lived 20,000 years ago.

New Scientist: Chromosomes Reveal Surprise Human-chimp Differences
United Kingdom

Comparisons of newly-sequenced chimpanzee chromosome 22 and its counterpart, human chromosome 21, show that while the DNA differences are small, they are spread out to affect 83 percent of the proteins coded for.

British Flora
United Kingdom

Offers services in ecological surveys, wetland habitat restoration, constructed wetlands, and other native ecosystem restoration efforts in the UK. Grower of guaranteed British provenance wildflowers and aquatics.

British Columbia
United States

With community-supported branches located throughout the province. Staff and volunteers rescue, treat, shelter, and adopt animals.

British Meat
United Kingdom

Discusses the dietary and humane problems with British meat.

United States

Find out about the common bats in the U.K., with photos and profiles of each variety. Also includes information about echolocation, bat watching tips, and conservation efforts.

British Ferns

The Delta database provides botanical descriptions of all species found in the British Isles.

British Trees
United Kingdom

Guide to the native trees of Britain, plus links to other web resources on forestry and conservation of British Native trees, including forest conservation organizations.