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A controversial study has a new spin on the otherworldliness of the octopus - Quartz

The paper, published in the March issue of the the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, is controversial, obviously, and the vast majority of scientists would disagree. But the paper is still worthy of discussion—for one, as a thought ...
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Washington dairies lose economic challenge to Ecology rules - Capital Press

Capital Press
A lagoon holds manure at a dairy in Whatcom County, Wash. The Pollution Control Hearings Board will hear challenges by farm groups and environmental organizations to Department of Ecology rules for storing and spreading manure at a hearing set to ...

Campaigners press US National Toxicology Program on animal testing - Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch
Two animal rights groups have called on the US National Toxicology Program to replace "wasteful" animal tests with alternative methods for determining the safety of chemicals. Co-authored by the White Coat Waste Project and the New England ...

Yahoo! Groups : ConsideringCryonics

Irving - United States

An on-line discussion group for those who are considering joining a cryonics organization but are worried about what their friends and family might think.

Yahoo! Groups: Budgies
United States

Collection of groups dedicated to discussing the care, breeding, and exhibition of budgerigars and parakeets.

Yahoo! Groups: Bamboo
United States

Connect with bamboo enthusiasts and organizations discussing the history, cultivation, growing, transplanting, planting, and harvesting of bamboo.

Yahoo! Groups: Dahlias
United States

Mailing list and discussion group in which dahlia gardeners from around the world meet to ask questions and to share hints, tips, and ideas.

Yahoo! Groups: Orphan Kittens
United States

List for those who work in animal rescue and specialize in orphaned kittens.

Yahoo! Groups: Help for Military Pets
United States

Place for members of the military to request help for their pets.

Yahoo Groups: The Owls Perch
United States

A club for owl lovers and the like. Post anything concerning owls including collections, news, and links.

Yahoo! Groups: Killer Whale (Orca)
United States

Find online communities dedicated to wild and captivate Orcas, their conservation and welfare.

Degenerative Myelopathy Yahoo Groups Members Roster
United States

Includes a members' gallery, including each dog's story and general information about the debilitating disease.

Paleoprimatology & Human Evolution Yahoo! Group
United States

A forum for the scientific discussion of paleoanthropology, paleoprimatology, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, Stone Age archeology, human origins, primate biology, and primate evolution.

Hackert Research Groups
United States

Includes brief lecture notes, exam papers, and related links.