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Anthony Bourdain's Toxicology Report Shows No Narcotics in His System - Fortune

Anthony Bourdain's toxicology report showed no traces of narcotics in his system, according to French officials. The beloved chef and television host was found dead on June 8 in Kaysersberg, France; his death was ruled a suicide by hanging.
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Anatomy of a protein kinase spine and how to break it - Phys.Org

The post-translational addition of phosphate groups to serine, threonine and tyrosine residues is a fundamental strategy for regulating protein activities in eukaryotes. Eukaryotic protein kinases—the enzymes that catalyze these modifications—are ...

Novartis to Drop Anti-Infectives Research Programs and Lay Off 140 - BioSpace (press release) (blog)

BioSpace (press release) (blog)
As a result, other groups are also affected including, Pharmacology, Protein Sciences, Project Management and global support functions in Global Discovery Chemistry, NIBR Informatics, Scientific Operations and Translational Medicine. About 150 ...

Yahoo! Groups: Dahlias

Irving - United States

Mailing list and discussion group in which dahlia gardeners from around the world meet to ask questions and to share hints, tips, and ideas.

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    Botany - Plants

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    dahlias : An Information & Picture Sharing Group
    dahlias: An Information & Picture Sharing Group



Yahoo! Groups: Budgies
United States

Collection of groups dedicated to discussing the care, breeding, and exhibition of budgerigars and parakeets.

Yahoo! Groups : ConsideringCryonics
United States

An on-line discussion group for those who are considering joining a cryonics organization but are worried about what their friends and family might think.

Yahoo! Groups: Bamboo
United States

Connect with bamboo enthusiasts and organizations discussing the history, cultivation, growing, transplanting, planting, and harvesting of bamboo.

Yahoo! Groups: Orphan Kittens
United States

List for those who work in animal rescue and specialize in orphaned kittens.

Yahoo! Groups: Help for Military Pets
United States

Place for members of the military to request help for their pets.

Yahoo Groups: The Owls Perch
United States

A club for owl lovers and the like. Post anything concerning owls including collections, news, and links.

Yahoo! Groups: Killer Whale (Orca)
United States

Find online communities dedicated to wild and captivate Orcas, their conservation and welfare.

Degenerative Myelopathy Yahoo Groups Members Roster
United States

Includes a members' gallery, including each dog's story and general information about the debilitating disease.

Dahlias in B.C.

Wayne Holland's collection of articles on the culture and breeding of dahlias plus a list of varieties and photos.

United States

Pamphlet from the University of Nebraska that covers propagation, culture, diseases, and troublesome insects.