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Urban Ecology Center's $12 million expansion plan at Washington Park would save taxpayers - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Urban Ecology Center is offering to lead a fundraising campaign to replace the 1970s-era boathouse on the park's lagoon with a $12 million community building that it would use for school environmental education programs and keep open to the public.

After Test Run, Fireworks Won't Launch from Ecology Park -
A test run for the Branford fireworks has the committee looking for a new location. Thursday night, members of the Branford Fireworks Committee spread out around town to determine sight lines for fireworks launched from Ecology Park, which is built on ...

Biodiversity park a victim of MC apathy - The Tribune

The Tribune
The bio-diversity park at Joggers' Park paints a picture of neglect in Bathinda. Tribune photo: Pawan Sharma. Ravi Chandel. Tribune News Service. Bathinda, May 24. The biodiversity park near Tank No. 4 on the premises of Joggers' Park is in a ...

Yellowstone National Park: Fire Ecology

United States

Article providing a history of wildland fires in the Park, the factors necessary for fires to take hold and the effects of fires on different tree species.

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    Ecology - Fire Ecology

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    Yellowstone National Park - Fire Ecology (U.S. National Park Service)

United States

Investigation testing the hypothesis that the local occurrence, richness, and abundance of carrion taxa are not affected by the presence of large, vertebrate carcasses.

Fire Ecology
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the ecological effects of wildfires.

Fire Ecology Research
United States

Description of research being done by Western Ecological Research Center scientists in the Sierra Nevada forests, the California shrublands and the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.

E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database
United States

Large bibliography covering applications of prescribed burning, control of wildfires, and other topics in fire ecology. International in scope with emphasis on North America.

United States

Our mission is to reform federal fire management policies and restore fire ecology processes through research, education, and advocacy.

Association for Fire Ecology (AFE)
United States

Association for Fire Ecology, AFE is a nonprofit organization promoting the Application of Fire Ecology through Science and Education. Our vision: the Association for Fire Ecology is an organization of professionals dedicated to improving the knowledge and use of fire in land management through science and education. Our vision for the Association for Fire Ecology is that its membership of respected professionals from around the world together pl

Komodo National Park
United States

Information about the national park, itT+s dragons and the surrounding marine reserve. Also has travel information about how to visit the island.

Bui National Park
United States

This park which is close to the Cote d’Ivoire border protects an area of 1,821km2 on either side of the Black Volta.It is well known for its hippos (the largest in Ghana) mostly seen in the dry season, and big antelopes such as the roan and hartebeest. Three crocodile species occur in the river At the Bui gorge, south of the park is the site for the hydroelectric dam is to be built. Tourist facilities here are basic, even though recently renova

National Zoological Park - AnimalCams
United States

Streaming Web cams observe cheetahs, flamingos, naked mole rats, elephants, pandas and others. Live 24 hours a day.

National Aquarium & Wildlife Park

Australia's ZooQuarium.