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Losing Biodiversity Could Lead to “Extinction Cascades” - Futurism

Human expansion, destruction of natural habitats, pollution, and climate change have all led to biodiversity levels that are considered below the “safe” threshold for global ecosystems. And the consequences of biodiversity loss aren't just about the ...

Sidda inaugurates Biodiversity Centre - The Hindu

The Hindu
Forest and Environment Minister Sidda Raghava Rao on Sunday inaugurated the Biodiversity Centre at the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary near here. The centre was developed with a budgetary allocation of Rs. 80 lakh and housed documents, audiovisual ...

'Photo Ark' a quest to document global biodiversity: Q&A with photographer Joel Sartore and director Chun-Wei Yi -
The goal is to show what biodiversity looks like at this point in time. We're nearing 8,000 species photographed now, by the way. You also photographed one of the rarest species of rhinoceros in the world, the northern white rhino, in the Czech ...

Yorkshire & Humber Biodiversity Forum

London - United Kingdom

Conducting a regional audit based on the habitats and species identified as of highest importance in the U.K. Biodiversity Action Plan.

Yorkshire Terrier Magazine
United States
Deep Aquarium in Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Aquarium in Yorkshire, England that is home to sharks and other varieties of fish. Learn about their marine research, conservation, and education programs. The Deep also features Two Rivers restaurant with riverside or tank views.

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue
United States

Helps place Yorkies in new homes.

Gene Forum

Focus on genetics, genomics and diseases, new economy and bioethics. Held for two days in Tartu, Estonia.

Fleming Forum
United States

Medical microbiology site with abstract and review updates.

Neuroscience Forum
United States

Discussions on current neuroscience education and research.

Tropicals Forum
United States

For those growing tropical plants, indoors and out, and also those gardening in tropical regions.

FishKeepers Forum
United Kingdom

Independent forum for all matters relating to keeping pond and aquarium fish and plants.

Parrot Forum
United States

Online community for parrot lovers.

Pup Forum
United States

Find and share information about dogs. Topics include dog breeds, housebreaking puppies, obedience training technique and aids, health issues, and grooming tips.