Your BioMechanic

San Francisco, California - United States

Richard Alexei, Certified Personal Trainer, helping you understand your mechanical self.

Corrective Exercise : Our bodies function as an integrated unit where an imbalance of strength or misalignment in one part can result in weakness, pain and dysfunction in another. In the unique program I design for each client I apply the principles of corrective exercise as needed to achieve better postural integrity. Let me help you enjoy a more comfortable, energized body.

Senior Fitness Specialist : For the last 10 years my focus has been on the senior community, helping clients with the flexibility, strength and balance they need to enjoy the second half of their lives. My clients have ranged from active athletic 50 year olds to semi-ambulatory 95 year olds with multiple medical conditions. No one is too old to benefit from exercise!

- Health Fitness Specialist, American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM)
- Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise(ACE)
- Medical Exercise Specialist, American Academy of Fitness Professionals

BioMechanic Physical Therapy
United States

The idea behind the name BioMechanic Physical Therapy has to do with the mechanics of how the body works. We believe that in order to solve a physical ailment, you must analyze why it happened, and correct the mechanical problem that created it. Of course, not all problems fit in this category, such as injury due to accident or disease - we treat those as well. Muscle Energy Technique (MET) was developed by Dr. Fred Mitchell. This technique a