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Arizona, biology proves central in gay couple's custody battle | Local ... - Arizona Daily Sun

Arizona Daily Sun
PHOENIX -- Saying biology matters, an Arizona woman is making a last-ditch effort to keep from being forced to share custody of her child with her former wife.

Grey's Anatomy star Camilla Luddington previews emotional domestic violence story line - (blog) (blog)
It's a story two seasons in the making: Jo Wilson will finally be faced with her abusive estranged husband during Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Viewers first learned in the season 12 finale that Jo Wilson had long-ago escaped her abusive and ...
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$575000 per episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'? Ellen Pompeo knows she's worth it - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
In its 14th season, “Grey's Anatomy” continues to draw nearly 12 million viewers a week and airs in more than 220 territories worldwide. For Pompeo, staying with “Grey's Anatomy” meant making it worth her while. She recalled telling Rhimes that because ...
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Yourgenome - Making proteins

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The ingredients of a protein are amino acids. To build a protein we need to build a long chain of amino acids. There are 20 different types of amino acids, so there are lots of different protein chains we can build. Biologists give amino acids a code letter, as for DNA. This is much easier than writing out the whole name each time. For example, M is methionine, L is leucine, F is phenylalanine (because P is proline).

The DNA code uses groups of three 'letters' to make meaning. This means that when the cell reads the instructions encoded in the DNA sequence to make a protein, it reads it three letters at a time. Most groups of three letters - known as triplets or codons - code for an amino acid.

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    What are proteins made of?
    DNA, genes and genomes is an introduction to genetics on the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's website. It offers information and animations to engage students, teachers and members of the public with 'What are genes?', 'What does DNA code for?', 'What was the Human Genome Project?' and 'What's in a genome?'


    Amino Acid - Amino Acids - Cell - Codon - Dna - Protein

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yourgenome is the place for you to find out everything you want to know about DNA, genes and genomes. From the basic biology to the challenging ethical issues, it’s here for you to discover and explore!

The Making of an Egg
United States

Describes the development of the egg of a bird from the release of a mature ovum to the completed egg with shell being laid.

The Making of
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Long article by Adrian Warren on the biology of the vampire bats, Desmodus and Diaemus, and the problems and challenges experienced in the making of the film "Vampire" in Trinidad.

Environmental Design Making
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Microbial Ecology Resources' software designed for students. Allows students to create ecosystems to gain understandings of ecosystem functionality and productivity.

Frontline: Making Babies
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Looks at the revolution in reproductive medicine and its commercialization, the safety of experimentation, and the changing nature of the family.

Dog-Play: The Responsible Breeder and Making a Difference
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Offers some thoughts on the responsible breeder and links to other resources addressing breeding ethics.

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References, patents links, discussion of transkaryotic proteins, cytochrome P450, and speculation on the treatment of genetic disorders.

ARVYS Proteins Inc.
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ARVYS Proteins Inc. is a contract research organization that offers its protein biochemistry expertise to the life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities. We help customers from any research sector at any stage of their protein research and development project, big or small. Our goal is to be your preferred outsourcing choice for protein biochemistry needs and we work hard to earn your business.

Wikipedia : Proteins
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Proteins are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides typically folded into a globular or fibrous form, facilitating a biological function. A polypeptide is a single linear polymer chain of amino acids bonded together by peptide bonds between the carboxyl and amino groups of adjacent amino acid residues. The sequence of amino acids in a protein is defined by the sequence of a gene, which is encoded in the genetic code. In gene

BBA: Proteins and Proteomics

Journal on protein structure conformation and dynamics, protein-ligand interactions, enzyme mechanisms, models and kinetics, physical properties and spectroscopy. One of the nine topical sections of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta.