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Flora and fauna of Vadnais Lake - Press Pubs

Press Pubs
Numerous flora and fauna were spotted along the shores of Vadnais Lake in Vadnais-Snail Lakes Regional Park on a June afternoon. The lake is home to wild iris of the Southern Blueflag variety. The flower is one of two irises native to Minnesota.

The Great Lakes: Ecology and Public Health - Wortfm

The Great Lakes covers 94,000 square miles of surface area and accounts for twenty percent of the world's fresh surface water. In many ways, their health is our health. Today in the studio, guest host Rebecca Kemble speaks with Dan Egan about his ...

Evolutionary outcomes can be predicted -- ScienceDaily - Science Daily

Science Daily
The map shows the geographic distribution and morphological diversity of the various species and ecotypes of Midas cichlids that occur in Lakes Nicaragua and ...
EurekAlert (press release)

Zoobenthos of Lakes

Halifax - Canada

An extensive and information-packed website about organisms dwelling in or on the sediment in lakes, by S.M. Mandaville of the Soil and Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax.

Lakes Aquarium

Cumbria. Includes visitor information, facility map, and kid section.

Dynamic Great Lakes
United States

A blog about what is happening in the Great Lakes. Barbara Spring has written a book of the same name about the fish and other ecosystems of the five lakes and their connecting waters.

Great Lakes Aquarium
United States

Duluth. Experience over 30 interactive exhibits including glaciers, lava flows, current weather, environmental problem solving, and geology. Includes visitor information, local lake facts, and educational programs.

Great Lakes Diatoms
United States

Collection of images, classified by morphology and by genus.

Great Lakes Aquarium
United States

Offering aquarium exhibits, a natural history center, science center and cultural exhibits.

Fish of the Great Lakes
United States

Includes the entire text of George C. Becker's text Fishes of Wisconsin.

Great Lakes Environmental Center
United States

GLEC has diverse capabilities focused on aquatic/sediment toxicology and environmental assessment. Provides description of services, projects and links.

Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes
United States

Article about a species that invaded the Great Lakes of North America from the Atlantic Ocean and efforts to control its spread.

Haloarchaea: Extremophiles in Salt Lakes
United States

Research compilation by Mike Dyall-Smith, primarily focusing on haloarchaea and their haloviruses. Includes the Halohandbook lab manual with techniques for cultivation. [PDF]

Great Lakes RNA Club
United States

Provides links to member's web pages.