Biology News
George Oster, pioneer in applying mathematics to biology, dies at 77 - UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley
He will be remembered for the fountain of ideas gushing out of him in the Brewed Awakening café on Euclid Avenue at the edge of UC Berkeley campus, where he held informal group meetings almost every morning. A member of the National Academy of Sciences ...

Promoters, initiators of transcription and drivers of synthetic biology - PLoS Blogs (blog)

PLoS Blogs (blog)
Promoter characterisation and engineering is a common and arguably useful component of many synthetic biology studies. This post covers some recent articles about promoter construction and transcriptional control, and a few thoughts on the future ...

New degree program blends biochemistry and biology to solve modern problems - Indiana Daily Student

Indiana Daily Student
A new undergraduate degree program in molecular life sciences will begin fall 2018, connecting the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology. The program, a collaboration between the Department of Biology and the Department of Molecular ...

Canon BioMedical Inks US, Canada Distribution Deal for Molecular Biology Systems' PCR Platform - GenomeWeb

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Canon BioMedical announced today it is has signed an exclusive deal with Molecular Biology Systems to market and sell the Dutch firm's NextGenPCR thermal cycler instrument and consumables in the US and Canada. Canon will ...

First-Ever Footage of Mating Anglerfish Stuns Marine Biologists -
The pair of fanfin anglers was filmed by marine biologists Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen aboard the LULA1000, a submersible operated by the marine science-focused Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation. “This is a unique and never-before-seen thing. It's so ...

Zoology - Animals, Insects, And Pets

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Zoology - Animals, Insects, And Pets [ 6,421-6,440 of 6,440]
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Birds, Birds, Birds
United States

Protects and enhances the populations and habitat of more than 800 species of birds that spend all or part of ...

Eggs - A Virtual Exhibition

Devoted to oology, the exhibit showcases eggs of the world with a special emphasis on the eggs of Alberta.

Fresh Start Bird & Small Animal Rescue - Lehigh Valley, PA
United States

No-kill, family operated, bird and small animal rescue.

United Peafowl Association
United States

International association with an interest in pursuing and promoting the avocation of raising peafowl.

United States

The latest buzz on the issues facing beekeepers in Maine and all over the country.

Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive, The
United States

Features articles from the Usenet newsgroup sci.agriculture.beekeeping, the logs from the listserv bee-l, FAQ files, and pointers to other beekeeping ...
United States

A community for beekeepers. Find information about the honey bee, beekeeping, processing honey, and beeswax.

Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive
United States

Archive for the Usenet newsgroup science.agriculture.beekeeping, the listserv bee-l, the sci.agriculture.beekeeping FAQ, beekeeping, and apiculture information.

Cassowary in Captivity

Information about the bird and its captive history.

Irian Jaya Cassowary Gallery
United States

Photos of the cassowary chick and adult.

Birdwatching Australia: Southern Cassowary
United States

Information about spotting a cassowary in the wild, in far northern Queensland.

Chatham Island Taiko Trust
New Zealand

Comprehensive site about New Zealand's most endangered bird, found only on the Chatham Islands.

Chatham Island Taiko
New Zealand

Outlines the discovery of the Taiko.

Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter: Black-capped Chickadee
United States

Identifications tips, distribution maps, and song and call recordings of the two note songbird.

Birds of America: Black-cap Titmouse
United States

Information about the woodland bird that is Massachusetts and Maine's state bird, the Black-capped Chickadee.


Dedicated to rehabilitation and finding adoptive homes for birds.

Northcoast Bird Adoption and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - Aurora, OH
Cayman Islands

Attempts to satisfy a growing need for the rehabilitation and subsequent adoption of unwanted exotic pet birds.

Birdyville Aviary Parrot Rescue

Parrot rescue, placement, and adoption programs on Long Island, NY. Also offers a chat room, message forums, and parrot related ...

Bee Craft
United Kingdom

U.K. monthly journal that aims to provide the latest beekeeping ideas and scientific research for beginners and seasoned apiarists alike. Texas A&M University Honey Bee Information Site
United States

Provides general information about bees, solves common problems associated with honey bees, and serves beekeepers with regulatory resources, specific disease ...

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Zoology - Animals, Insects, And Pets [ 6,421-6,440 of 6,440]