Biology News
Senior Wins Cell Biology Competition - Butler Newsroom

Butler Newsroom
Dube, along with labmate and senior biology major Amy Wasilk, attended the meeting in December with their research advisor, Assistant Professor of Biology Jennifer Kowalski. Both students presented posters on their research during the main conference ...

Biology makes women and girls survivors - ScienceNordic

Women outlive men in nearly all countries around the world today. Plenty of research backs this up and can explain many of the factors behind it, such as behavioural and biological differences between the two sexes. For example, men tend to consume ...

Beloved Texas A&M-University Corpus Christi biology professor, Wes Tunnell, dies - Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Corpus Christi Caller-Times
The scientific community is mourning the death of John β€œWes” Tunnell, a marine ecologist and biologist, historian, author and early orchestrator of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Tunnell ...

New scholarship open to marine biology, environmental students - The Guam Daily Post

The Guam Daily Post
Students pursuing a career in marine biology or environmental science can apply for the More Like Jimmy Scholarship, which will award up to $4,000 per year, per student. An anonymous donor has pledged to award up to $10,000 in total awards each year, ...

Cryo tomography brings new life to the study of human biology at Yale - Yale News

Yale News
Soon after its 2017 installation at Yale's West Campus, the new Titan Krios Cryo-Electron Microscope β€” or CryoEM, the technology at the center of the growing 'resolution revolution' and the tool used by three recent Nobel Prize winners β€” is beginning ...

Zoology - Animals, Insects, And Pets

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Zoology - Animals, Insects, And Pets [ 101-120 of 6,440]
Notes From Underground
United States

Online myrmecological newsletter, dedicated to the disemination of information about ants.

Discover Life: Scalopus Aquaticus
United States

Includes photographs, range maps, natural history, and more on the mammal also known as the Eastern Mole.

Chinese Cricket Culture
United States

Encompasses a 2000 year history of both singing insects and fighting crickets.

New Rochelle Humane Society
United States
Ultimate Guide to Sharks
United States

Discovery Channel online videos documenting the natural history of sharks. Learn about shark migration, live tooth replacement, attacks, and daily ...

Kanzi: The Ape at the Brink of the Human Mind
United States

Review of this book by Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and Roger Lewin which explores whether language and speech are unique to humans.

Animal Education Protection Information Foundation (ARC)
United States

Nonprofit, tax deductible foundation incorporated in 1986. Their rescue home, with open acreage in Missouri, allows elephants access to grass, ...

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club
United States
United States

Offers resources, chat, and articles about horses and their care.

Tibetan Terrier Association, The
United Kingdom

Information about the breed, links to breeders, and more.

Macaca fuscata: Japanese Macaque or Snow Monkey
United States

Describes this old world monkey's physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and conservation status.

United States

Provides a warning to all prospective cockatoo owners, with stories, behavioral problems, how to properly care for them, health issues, ...

Summer of Singing Cicadas
United States

Article on the colorfully names cicadas of Australia.

United States

Profile of the heroic sled dog.

Alliance for Animals Cat Adoption Center
United States

A nonprofit humane organization dedicated to solving the problems of pet overpopulation.
United States

Directory dedicated to pigeon racing.

Costa Blanca Animals

Provides shelter for cats and dogs until they can be rehomed in Europe. Includes information about local asylums.

Bighorn Institute
United States

Dedicated to the conservation of the world's wild sheep through research and education, with particular emphasis on the endangered Peninsular ...

Zoom Whales: The Beluga
United States

With information sheets, habitats, pictures, and more.

Animal Abuse: Misdemeanor or Felony?
United States

Chart showing which states consider first time offensives a misdemeanor or felony crime.

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Zoology - Animals, Insects, And Pets [ 101-120 of 6,440]